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Kardano is an artist on the verge of greatness. He's known for his groovy and dynamic sound that blends elements from many different genres. Developing a signature sound that is simultaneously energetic and chill is no mean feat, and it’s taken the young artist several incarnations to refine his craft.

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A graduate of Vancouver's prestigious Nimbus School of Recording, Kardano has had his works released by an array of indie dance music labels, including Karmic Power Records, Stoney Boy Music, Play Records, Westwood X, UFO Recordz, Pop Gang Records, DDiaz Recordings, LW Recordings, and his own Boom Boom Music.

Kardano has DJ'd at numerous clubs around Vancouver such as Pierres, 100 Nights, Republic, Killjoy, L.E.D., The Granville Room, Georgia Hotel, The Atlas, the Monster Cat Compound Block Party, and plays his resident gig at Karma Lounge. He's also performed at one-nighter gigs across British Columbia, and on a 9-month cruise ship residency.


Since debuting in 2019, he has released 13 singles, 2 EPs, 6 remixes, and his work has appeared on numerous compilations. In 2022, Kardano releases his first full-length studio album, Art of Tones. Art Of Tones includes 8 tracks, each featuring a different Canadian vocalist.

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