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The brainchild of DJ Beer, Loup, and Steph Tsunami, LVL is Vancouver's newest femme supergroup. Teaming up to each bring a unique element to their shows, they specialize in genres such as drum and bass, halftime, trap, and anything else that falls on the low end of the frequency spectrum.

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LVL Collective

LVL is Vancouver’s up-and-coming all-femme supergroup, composed of local legends DJ Beer, Steph Tsunami, and Loup.

After years of collaborating, these besties went public to share their love of bass with the Vancouver scene. Individually, they are multi-talented artists who’ve performed at BC festivals and downtown Vancouver’s biggest clubs. Collectively, they have played some of the largest clubs in Vancouver such as Red Room, Celebrities, and Levels as well as various festivals such as Contact, Rifflandia, Valhalla, and Wicked Woods.

Together, LVL is known for their dynamic sets which feature a range of high-energy sounds and catchy vocal stabs that aim to electrify the crowd. Some styles they're known for are house, booty bounce, jersey club, and anything bass-related. 

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