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August 15th-19th

This year our stage theme is all about bringing light to what we're creating together 🌄 We've spent many sunsets together, and even more sunrises ☀️ Our art is the focus this year, and this stage will represent the sun's rays as they touch the earth.

Creating a unique visual experience much like last year, we're building an open environment on our stage for artists and performers to have room to showcase their works. The decks table will be enclosed by a cover that we're building to sit on the staging, and we'll be able to mount lights on the outside frame as well as inside the cavern where our DJ space will be.

Our mountains hold incredibly beautiful things within them: there's quartz, diamonds, and other crystals embedded into the earth around us 💎 We love to think of ways that we can use reflective materials, lights, art, and other materials inside this enclosed space. It will be the heart of our stage, and there's some amazing hearts of gold within our team - it will be lovely to showcase that on our stage 💛

Just like crystals hold a lot of power, so does art, and so does our community when we come together. In the back of our stage we'll have rays streaming from our covered structure, a representation of the elements flowing from our art 🌤️ The goal is to create an even more multi-dimensional stage experience. We have a whole new daytime experience, while also focusing on providing a nighttime visual experience with a large projection mapping space.

Wandering into this hidden treasure is like taking a dive into one of our favourite memories 💙 Oasis is our home stage, a staple of where we started! A renegade stage like no other, filled with lights, visuals and an overgrown tropical garden surrounding it 🌿
A tribute to some of our first festivals, we’re bringing to life a feeling of nostalgia when you find our secret little Oasis. It's possible to feel an atmosphere of peace, harmony and connection with our forests; and you may feel, amidst the silence, a hidden music. This stage is all about nature and the nostalgia 🖼️  
Based off our unique ecosystem, a rich habitat that’s an incredible place to connect with nature. We grew up wandering around in forests and exploring all the outdoor spaces we could find 🌲 We’re blessed to have hundreds of hidden spots to escape the city and flee to spend the weekend in the shade of trees and the comfort of nature.
Our stage will be filled with greens overflowing the decks, stage and any gear we bring along. Covered with a disguised trap that has our army meshing hung underneath, with vines hanging down, and creating an open atmosphere framed with a variety of tropical plants.
Imagine a renegade stage that’s been sitting hidden in the forest overtaken by new growth, each year being discovered and decorated in lights for new visitors to stumble upon and get lost in the moment 💫
Immerse yourself in the ethereal world of Prophecy's stage, where the mysticism of ancient civilizations meets the pulse of modern music. Each set is a deep dive into the soul, with sounds that echo through time and space, inviting you to transcend the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary. Prophecy is not just about listening; it's about experiencing the profound through the power of community and all your senses.
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